Product Marketing/Product Integration

As Creative Director at Metromix I am responsible for the creation of both the look and feel and special feature/product offering for special sections of Metromix tailored to national advertisers. I work directly with the national sales representative and client and their marketing agencies.

'‘Where the Wild Things Are’' was a really fun section to concept in both a visual and feature sense. I used features that would appeal to the Metromix demographic to create a sweepstakes feature '‘Become King for a Weekend: Wild Things Wanted’'. Entrants would compete to win the '‘Kind for a Weekend’' title, they would submit and essay on what their actual wildest adventures in their city have been and their dream adventures, the best story would win that dream adventure.

My role on this project:
Creative Direction, Product Ideation, Content ideation, photoshop mocks from existing creative elements.

  • For Warner Brothers/Metromix

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