Creative Direction/Product Ideation

AXE Body spray wanted to do an integrated micro site on centered around their new body spray. They came to us with their “Nasal Ranger” campaign that consisted of an actual scientist going around to bars, and measuring how fresh the guys were with his “Nasal Ranger”. (This is all true. I’m not making it up.)The campaign was super fun, hats off to AXE for something so strangely wonderful.

They were looking for some fun, interesting ways to engage the Metromix audience. I suggested an asteroids knock off where you are fighting B.O. blobs instead of asteroids, and of course your “ship” is an AXE bottle!

My role in this project:
Creative direction,Design, basic flash work, photoshop mocks, product ideation. I pitched the idea of a flash game to the client. They went for it and we made it happen.

  • Role Creative Direction, Product Ideation, Flash & JS Execution
  • For AXE