Kiosk native app. Goal: Wine Sales (revenue), engagement

Savvo is a digital sommelier app (for iPad) that is set up in the wine aisle at various stores. I helped them do a complete redesign, with product ideation, UX/UI & totally new look and feel.
I came up with the idea of mirroring the experience you have with a sommelier at a restaurant. That experience is usually pretty quick (just a few minutes), they ask you a few questions to get an idea of your taste preferences then recommend a wine. Savvo is working directly with sommeliers so executing on this would be fairly simple. I worked very closely with the founder and helped them secure an Angel capital grant for the work I did.

  • Role Design, UX, Product IdeationUX, Product Ideation, Design iPad Kiosk (ecommerce)
  • For Savvo
  • Date 2014
  • Type ipad app, kiosk

Not only am I helping SAVVO design their app, I've got a lot of experience with the type of data you need to collect from a user for a recommendation engine to be able to make good recommendations (for example you must always collect negative -'don't like' info as well in order to rule some things out).
I love this project because we have the perfect combination of real human editorial content (actual sommeliers) and smart technology.

The Wine Wizard results page. The challenge here was to deliver the right amount of results (so as not to overwhelm, but also give the user options if they want more.
Savvo is a subscription based service (for the stores), so I helped them brainstorm ways to create high value placements and many ROI touch points for the stores (to promote specials etc) in the app.

Wine Detail page. Consistency is key, but sometimes when you want to draw the eye the "What's different" (used in moderation) approach is a good mechanism.

Horizontal Accordion menu level 2

Horizontal Accordion Menu design

iBeacon Alert design: A user has returned to the store

Highly contextual and personalized in-store alerts. A user is alerted when they are in the red wine aisle to a bottle that they may like based on their previous likes, saved favorites and purchases.

SAVVO is an in-store sommelier kiosk. I'm helping them out with Product Ideation, a total redesign, implementation of a third party "flavor profile" recommender, and UX/UI for native application.

They work with sommeliers to help recommend wines in this store that match your taste.
When designing digital experiences for highly contextual tasks, I like to use a skeuomorphic approach (from a content standpoint). The "wine wizard" is designed to simulate the experience of a sommelier at your table at a restaurant. Fast, easy, fun.

SAVVO wanted to: bring the app up to date from a design standpoint, add the third party software and also bring in some of their personality. Cheeky, fun, smart.