New product User Research. Goal: Product Market Fit

At GiveForward I was responsible for all things User Experience. It was my goal to create a culture of User Experience “Thinking” across all of the functional groups; from instructing our customer service team to conduct “mini-user surveys” while on the phone with users, to bringing real user comments INTO the development experience by creating a “Real User” member on our Agile boards that would "comment' using info we obtained from our real users. I fleshed out User Persona’s, detailed the user journey, conducted focus groups, 1:1 interviews, user surveys, A/B testing, Optimizely testing; I created mobile first high fidelity wireframes for the new product and did the subsequent design work as we.. . I was tightly integrated with the product development team.

  • Role Director of UX: User research, UX design, Visual Design, Product Ideation
  • For GiveForward
  • Date 2015
  • Type Digital Assets
  • URL

A “Eureka” moment on the dynamics of user experience in our specific crowdfunding space. This came about while conducting focus groups

User personas are an integral part of fleshing out a great experience

Understanding the User Journey at GiveForward

IA/ “HI FI” Wires