Case Study: Gamification app. Goal: Engagement/Upgrades (revenue)

The challenge at CaptainU is keeping young athletes motivated and active in their pursuit to play at the college level. The step-by-step plan is not difficult to follow, but it does require dedication. Using proven gamification strategies, I designed this system to keep users motivated, excited, see results, then upgrade their plan to kick it to the next level.

  • Role UX, Visual Design, Product Strategy
  • For CaptainU
  • Date 2018
  • Type Responsive web

Every Project starts with data gathering

My first step in any project is to dig into analytics. Tools like Google Analytics, Session Videos, & Heatmaps are essential to determine a baseline & identify opportunities to optimize

Digging into Google Analytics to understand current performance

I like to sketch by hand, less investment, get ideas out fast (and yes,my handwriting is mega-terrible)