Feature Development /User Research. Goal: Engagement

As a person having a medical crisis ongoing support is so crucial to the person’s wellbeing and mental state.

There is an outpouring of support at the beginning, but then support tends to fade away. We learned, via focus groups that one main reason for this is that they just don’t know what to say in a difficult situation like this.

Based on this user feedback, I developed a feature called “Thinking of You” (TOY). This feature allowed users to click/tap a button and just let the person know they were “Thinking of them”. The user would get an email, the “TOY” counter could tick up on the site. Others would get an email saying “15 people are thinking of Joe today, let him know you are too” .

Our KPI was engagement across the board as we were interested in securing strong, like-minded sponsors. This feature received 3x the engagement of it’s nearest rival (the “like”) on the page!

  • Role User Research, IA, Design
  • For GiveForward
  • Date 2014

Getting an understanding of user behavior on the page, establishing baseline metrics

Scrollmaps can be useful in showing how well you engage users to scroll down the page. Yes, users DO scroll but you must give them great content to lead them down the page